A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 64

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Espen Stenersrød- From Pen To Heart

Day 64
Topic: Distance
Topic given by C Infinite

Love of her life
Always loved on an arms length
From a distance
But never touched

Affectionate love
Carried in her arms
On life support
Never given mouth to mouth
No fresh breath of air
For her to breathe in the journey

Travelled through on a double decker
Carried life together
On separate levels
But it was love
Flowers from dusk till dawn
Of flesh and blood
Always given on an arms length
With stiff elbows
To make sure to never get close

Their love could tear reality in half
Then project it to the sky
Sat down to watch the reflection
Of each other
In the clouds
Fell in love again
Over the idea of distance kept
And how beautiful they were
Up there

Love of her life
Untouched affection
Carrier of life
From a distance

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